Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Here's a link to a bunch of my posts over at Intersections International.

First, a big thank you to Intersections International. It's a great group and they're the reason I've picked up writing more in essay form now. They're also the reason I'm not writing so much here. I'll try, certainly, but they offer a better way for me to get my stories out. They also have other veterans writing so I think that you should check it out. So go read some of my posts here

On that note, there are also some short stories (and a little longer than short) that I'm getting out at Medium. My handle there, btw, is @nlowhim just so you know. Thing is that you need the Medium app to read these specific stories, but they are worth it, IMO. They allow a certain amount of creativity for me, the author. So here's one that's starting up about a man searching for... something

Let me know what you think (is it better than an average post, reading it like this? It does allow me, the writer, more control, so I like that. If you want some post-modern writing in the form of a normal blog. Here's one. About a photo

As you can see, as per 1000001 American Nights, I'm leaning towards adding photos to tales and trying new things (for me, I suppose). If you buy the paperback, you'll be able to see the photo-tales and I would certainly like to know if that works on paper as well or better than when online. Let me know!

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