Saturday, November 25, 2017

Best Books of 2017

Once again, in keeping up with the tradition of best books of the year (books read by me, not published—I don't care about books du jour) I'm going to give a list of the best books of 2017:

Citizen by Rankine is a beautiful mix of poetry and thoughts that gives some more outlines to the current chaotic zeitgeist we all feel but perhaps don't understand.

Kolyma Tales by Shalamov. Here's a solid collection of stories on the gulags that killed millions. Worth a look because looking into the eye of evil is never easy. And when bureaucratic it's especially interesting.

White Walls by Tolstaya. Okay, so I like Russian lit. Don't think I had any influence on our election, it's just that their writers are damned good at speaking to the humanity in us all. Not as brutal as Kolyma, this is still something worth reading through, if only for her easy mix of fantastical and realism.

Egil's Saga is m first Icelandic Saga and I love it. Amoral tellings of the past are always worth a glance, IMO. Sure I actually managed to visit the island, and that resulted in a story or two, but it's really a worthwhile saga, even if it doesn't follow your modern plot or even idea of what's right or wrong.

The Collected Stories by Singer. So I like collection of short stories, sue me. Hell, I like anthologies even more (you know, a mix of great shorts, how is this not a bigger thing), but I won't add any for now. So read this collection of shorts (then read my collection which is pretty sweet too). 

Honorable Mention:

October: about the Russian revolution. A quick read and pretty comprehensive. There's also the list at the end that tells you what happened to them. "Executed by Stalin" being the main choice or lack thereof.

 So check these books out today!

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