Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Funny maps

Behold my postmodern map of the universe! Here I have colored in black the places I have not visited and in white the places that I have visited. Note that the white is less than one pixel, so don't strain your eyes.

Reading a great book I got for the Holidays: Maps as Art. It's a good way to look at creative breakdowns of the map. Of course, like with much post-modern art, I sense that there are maps that make the cut just because (someone knew someone or was better at marketing a crap map than someone else, you know these worlds). Well here is my

Also, given that this is simply a way of saying one person experiences almost nothing compared to the possibilities out there (the old Arabic saying that a person knows a drop of the ocean of knowledge in the world), this could very well be construed as a way to say how little you know compared to the world in general. So this could be: my knowledge chart and other such things.

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