Here's a list of my short fiction (many in the form of pseudo essays, or fictional essays). I won't include the Fractal Story, as it has too many side stories for me to label here. Also, if you enjoy these and want more, sign up with the link below or to the right for an email with shorts not available anywhere.

Journal of Dead (outside website)

 Corsican Ghosts (outside website)

Spokane Inspiration

Seattle Art 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Random Short Story

Death & Taxes & Bars

Short Story Found

Modern Humans, Conspiracy and Belief.

Banksy With a New Tag

Time in College

Memory and the Internet

Myths, They are all Around.

The Anthropologist

Video Short Story on Cascades (and version 2)

(Outside Link) Sf-Books has published "The Great Peace"

City Series 

Sculpture as Art

Spokane's Bus Station

That Internet Show

Lost in Spokane, the Film Festival

Sasquan and the Scifi World Con. 

Omni Story (outside website)
Netflix and Chill

Game at a Cafe

Heart Beats, redux.

Algo and the King's Tattoos, 
          More on Algo.
          Algo's Notoriety 
          Algo's Barbarians 

I, Immigrant, Tales from the Past

Freckles as Stars

Madwoman on the Subway

The Library

What ISIS Wants

Art as Life
       Adult Coloring Books
       Art as Life, part deux. 
       Art as Life, part X  
       It's Been a While

Better People have lost Bigger Bets (City Series)

An Amazing Video Game 

On the Existence of Ghosts  

Origins of Computer Code as Literature

Isolating Today's Evil

Algo, and the Art of Fractal Writing

Yarn and the Old Folk.  

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