The following are all my non-fiction essays. I'll only include ones with serious thought and not those with merely a handful of musings.

Service Together Veteran Blog

 ItsComplicated (The Veteran and Pitbulitis) Note: to see more by me search my name or look at top under blogs-->all or blogs-->current events.

Also More at Medium. 

The Future of Automated Warfare

The Artist and People's Fear of a Just God.

Chipping Away at a Story (editing)

Why I Write: the Discarded Remains of Labyrinth of Souls 

Why I Write: Movies.

Iraq: Lessons Learned

The Artist and Art

Chess vs Go (vs Shogi) 

Thoughts on Batman

Iraq, Lessons Learned

Moral Courage

The Heart is a Bloody Protagonist

Inverse of Godwin's Law

A Nation of a Billion/3

Concertina Wire

Foreign Policy as AI

Isolation and the New World Order (We're apes, remain vigilant)

Barbaric vs Civilized

Rushdie and his Death Threat 

Shrillness on Social Media

Torture, another look. 

Drone Warfare

Franzen and Narratives on the Internet
Internet Narratives III (comment decay)  

On Censorship

Violence on News Media

How to Read the News

What Makes a Classic Book 

On Sports and the World Burning

What to Consider When Reviewing a Book

Debates and Context I.... And Part II 

On the New News Paradigm

MFA Programs and what they create.

How to Keep People Away From a Site for 10,000 Years

Thoughts on Diary of a Man in Despair

Origins of Lucifer

Odd look at Architecture (from a personal viewpoint)

What Does Sci-fi Do? (predictive abilities)

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