Sometimes I get published elsewhere on the webs. Here are a few:

Corsican Ghosts over at Bread & Beauty. It's about a book. A little Borges-like.

BlazeVox "Sopkane River" short story.

A couple shorts at Red Rock Review, but it's all tree carcass with them, so you'll have to ask em for a copy of the magazine.

Aaduna "Of Dice & Life"

Dead Mule "The Artist" & "Journal of the Dead"

Its Complicated. There are quite a few on this site and, unfortunately, it's a little hard to navigate. At the bottom of each page are usually a few others of mine. Enjoy!

The Mantle

Omni (scifi)

SFBooks "The Great Peace"

Afterwords (vet writing) You can find the ones I contributed to at the bottom

Vet Lit (VFP writing)

Not a story, but a way to see the world beyond the Paralyzed Cyclops

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